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Correspondence to Parents

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Evening Appointment booking system

We have received some information from the Children’s Commissioner for Wales office regarding videos that they’re posting on their Facebook page to help parents find affordable and easy ways to make fun at home and some on general household wellbeing.


 There is also some useful information on their Info Hub -

FYI as Parents--
Jesus College Oxford have released this guide to resources available online for secondary school students. It is especially useful for those wanting to be challenged: Many interesting activities-
The link for the guide is here:

Pfeg – Centre of excellence in financial education 

We as a school have secured a place on the centre of excellence programme, in financial education, and believe that it is essential that our pupils leave school able to operate financially in the world we live. We will endeavour to equip our pupils with the knowledge and skills in order to manage their money and make informed financial decisions

Welsh in Education Strategic Plan for Carmarthenshire, 2017-2020
School assembly (4/3/2019)
This ad has been shared with the whole school community during this week's assembly.
The purpose of the clip was to make every pupil aware of the effect of such messages on our mental health. Everyone was reminded of their duty when online and was asked to think twice before pressing the send button. It was drawn to the attention of all pupils that they need to think seriously about their use of mobile phones. Furthermore, they were all encouraged to think carefully and to be positive when using their phones, as unkind words can have a detrimental effect on a person’s mental health. In addition, pupils were also reminded of the school’s policy of NO MOBILE PHONES and that, if they need to carry a phone to school, they can leave these in the school office during the day. We would appreciate it, if you as parents, could reinforce our message.
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