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School Governors 

Members of the Governing Body 2021-22

Chair: Mrs Luned Thomas

Vice Chair: Ms Catrin James

Clerk: Miss Siân Thomas,

The Governing Body has 20 members:
6 Parent Governor
5 LA Representative
2 Teacher Representatives
1 Staff Representative
5 Community Co-opted Representatives

Parents Governors (term ending)
Mrs Nerys Defis (07.10.22)
Mr Heulyn Roderick (17.05.24)
Mrs Adele Davies (31.12.24)
Mrs Michelle Llewelyn (31.12.24)
Mrs Tanja Neumayer-James (31.12.24)

Community Governors (term ending)
Mrs Angharad Jones-Leefe (25.03.22)
Mr Elfed Davies (18.01.25)
Ms Catrin James (18.01.25)
Reverend Beti Wyn James (29.03.25)
Mrs Luned Thomas (29.03.25)

Teacher Representatives (term ending)
Mr Steffan Davies (01.09.23)
Mrs Tracy Jenkins (31.08.25)

Staff Representative (term ending)
Mrs Lonwen Bowen (26.05.23)

LA Governors (term ending)
Reverend Tom Defis (28.01.23)
Councillor Cefin Campbell (28.01.23)
Councillor Peter Hughes-Griffiths (25.09.24)
Councillor Mair Stephens (25.09.24)
Mr Arwel Lloyd (09.04.25)

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